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Award Finalists - European Natura 2000 Award

Award Finalists - European Natura 2000 Award: Award Finalists - European Natura 2000 Award

AdriaWet 2000 - Adriatic Wetlands for Natura 2000


AdriaWet 2000 is a project financed by the CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 which involves four partners from the two EU Member States who are responsible for the management of wetlands within several Natura 2000 areas — Foce dell'Isonzo — Isola della Cona, Valle Vecchia — Zumelle — Valli di Bibione, Laguna di Caorle — Foce del Tagliamento, Bosco Nordio, Oasi di Ca’Mello, Delta del Po in Italy and Škocjanski zatok in Slovenia.

AdriaWet 2000 is the first cross-border collaboration experience among entities that manage natural coastal areas in the Northern Adriatic Region. With their specific skills, each of the partners has to tackle the challenge of protecting biodiversity as an opportunity for sustainable, social and economic development. The collaboration has developed an integrated management system for these areas, which will make the protection of biodiversity a factor of attractiveness and sustainable growth. The project focuses on the definition of innovative programmes for the integrated management of the region, while drawing on the experience of the most advanced European organisations. Partners are also working on establishing local cooperation models which can bring in new actors, promote sustainable development and produce concrete results in terms of employment within Natura 2000 areas. This also includes the joint planning of common content and activities for environmental education, awareness and cultural activities. The project has resulted inter alia in the signing of a specific Charter (Staranzano Charter) by the partners, the adoption of a single financial plan, the launch of a protocol for cross-border monitoring, a common database for data storage and analysis, and a cross-border network for the collection, monitoring and management of any important scientific knowledge linked to biodiversity in order to promote it as an attractive feature of the project area. It established a cross-border programme for environmental education and a master plan for integrated management of the project areas. AdriaWet 2000 also established a number of cross-border working groups, developed didactic materials and guides, and ran workshops and various events.

Award Finalists

The finalists of the Natura 2000 Award are announced! Find out about these 23 projects and vote for your favourite one! The finalist with the most votes will win the EU Citizens' Award and, together with the winners in the 5 Award categories, will be announced at a special ceremony on 21 May. The vote will close at midnight on the 6 of May.

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